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Course FAQs

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What time do your courses start/end?

Multi-Day courses start at 2:00 p.m. on the first day and end as late as 5:00 p.m. on the final day. One-Day courses begin at 7:30 a.m. with Registration & Breakfast with the course being delivered from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You will receive a confirmation email, which will note the start and end times of your scheduled course(s).

In what language(s) are Disney Institute courses delivered?

Unless otherwise noted, all Disney Institute public courses are delivered in English and all attendees must be proficient speaking, listening and reading in English.

If English is not my first language, may I bring a translator or request translation services?

To minimize distractions during the course, translators are not allowed in the sessions.

What do I need to bring to the course each day?

Each course includes backstage experiences. Therefore, a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) is required for your safety during every session, including the opening session.

Why must I bring a government-issued ID each day?

Your course includes visits to backstage areas where is it necessary to show valid identification (government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, etc.) for access. Please note that bag and purse checks will take place in certain locations.

What is the recommended dress for a Disney Institute course?

Recommended dress is resort casual or casual Friday-style, such as jeans, khakis, nice shorts, polo-style shirts (and sundresses for women). We would also recommend that you bring a light sweater or jacket as our course includes time spent in both conference rooms and outside in the local climate.

Do I need theme park tickets for the field experiences during the course?

No, the field experiences are part of your course experience and therefore admission is not needed for theme park entrance during these times.

How much walking will take place during the course?

Walking during field experiences is perhaps a half to two miles per day but the walking is not continuous. A comfortable pair of shoes is recommended for the exploring you’ll do during the field experiences.

What meals are included during my course?

During our multi-day courses, should your course begin with an evening session, dinner will be included. In addition, breakfast and lunch will be served during each day of the multi-day course. During our single-day courses, breakfast and lunch will be served during each day of the course.

What if I arrive late or miss part of my course?

If you expect to arrive late for registration or will miss the opening entirely, contact Disney Institute.

  • For courses at Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, CA, please call 714-863-7996.
  • For courses at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, FL, please call 407-566-6115. 

What if I need to leave early on the final day of the course?

Please see your facilitator prior to the conclusion of your course for assistance.

Is photography and video permitted during the course?

Photography or video of any kind in backstage areas or of course content at the Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort is strictly prohibited. You may take photos and video when in Guest areas as indicated by your facilitation team.

Is smoking allowed?

Although most locations are smoke-free, there are designated areas for smoking within our parks, resort hotels, and convention centers. Please see a Cast Member for designated smoking areas.

Am I able to use social media during my course?

Our alumni tell us that one of the benefits of participating in a Disney Institute course is the opportunity to share stories openly and to network with fellow attendees. Therefore, information shared by you and fellow participants may be sensitive. Please remember to respect everyone’s privacy. If you plan to blog, post, or tweet about your Disney Institute experience, be careful not to include revealing details such as specific organizations or individual names.

Am I able to copy and re-use the course materials?

The course binders and other materials provided during the course are for the use of the attendee only and may not be copied nor re-produced for commercial purposes. This is to ensure that the messages and learning points from the course are delivered with consistency and to ensure the overall integrity of the course. However, Disney Institute understands that you may want to use some of the concepts presented in the course to implement changes within your organization or to share some of these concepts and learning points with your colleagues. You may do so as long as the manner and extent to which such knowledge is shared does not infringe the copyright or similar rights of Disney Institute or any of its affiliated companies as to the content or material used in the course.

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