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Creativity & Innovation

Your organization is already filled with creativity—the challenge is cultivating and harnessing its full potential. Fortunately, every organization already has a rich source of creativity readily available to it: its employees. A brilliant idea can come from anywhere so tapping into the diverse perspectives of your workforce can lead to extraordinary results. While The Walt Disney Company is known for translating creativity into innovative products, services and business solutions, this is only possible because of its carefully crafted environment that fosters idea generation and implementation.

Innovation is possible when individual creativity and organizational processes are successfully integrated. Innovations are not always huge changes either—sometimes the most impactful advancements are incremental improvements over time. Through Disney Institute, individuals learn the important connection between effective leadership and a culture designed to foster continuous creativity and innovation. During this course, learn techniques to capitalize on employees’ diversity and uncover new solutions to business challenges, great and small.

What You Will Learn:

  • Adapt time-tested Disney business insights to assess and improve your organization.
  • Tap into your workforce’s personal creativity to build organizational creativity that drives innovation.
  • Understand the inputs, acquire tools, create trust, and foster an environment that generates ideas for your organization.
  • Develop a collaborative culture within your organization.
  • Use your organizational identity to encourage and enable creative decision-making.
  • Implement ideas that drive change by evaluating and communicating effectively through organizational alignment.
  • Encourage risk-taking with a strong, well-communicated organizational identity.
  • Improve business results through structural systems that bring innovation to life.
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Who Should Attend

Disney insights and illustrations are beneficial to anyone interested in Disney best practices for inspiring greater creativity and innovation for individual employees and entire organizations.

Course Details

The Nature of Creativity

Some people believe they just are not creative. Disney believes that everyone has creative potential and has something to contribute to organizational innovation. Understanding how creativity works and doing exercises to strengthen whole brain thinking can help you leverage the diversity and strengths of your workforce to drive innovation within your organization.

Idea Generation

Where do great ideas come from? Disney encourages a collaborative culture where genuine relationships are built to share ideas honestly and without fear. Collaborative idea generation requires overmanaging information, recognizing the input of people, and supplying tools for generating ideas that will lead to innovation.

Idea Implementation

At Disney, we turn creative ideas into innovative products, services, and business solutions. We are able to accomplish this because we have established a system by which new ideas are evaluated and put into practice. Defining and understanding organizational identity helps establish parameters, focus creative energy, take calculated risks, and create communication strategies that help align your team with your organization’s goals.

Embedding Creativity

It is widely understood, in any well-run organization, that the responsibility for success belongs to everyone. Every member of the team must be committed to the organizational identity, understand and work within the structural systems that enable innovation to happen, and be an inspiration to others. Disney encourages all Cast Members to take a personal leadership role and have a positive influence on the organization now and in the future. This unified approach to creativity and innovation allows an organization to flourish and continually improve itself.

Course Description

Pricing & Details

Disney's Approach to Creativity & Innovation may be available in either 1-Day or Multi-Day durations at the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort.

One-day course
Standard Pricing $1,250
Disney Institute Alumni and Guests
Non-profit employees
Military/Government employees
Disney Vacation Club members

What's Included

  • One day (8 hours) of official Disney Institute training with one facilitator. Unless otherwise noted, all Disney Institute public courses are delivered in English.
  • Comprehensive reference materials.
  • Guided field experiences throughout Disneyland® Resort or the Walt Disney World® Resort.
  • Meetings with working leaders and employees (Cast Members).
  • A participant list for future networking.
  • Both breakfast and lunch.
  • For items not included, such as accommodations, please see our Course FAQs
1-Day Course Pricing & Details

Multi-Day courses
Standard Pricing


Disney Institute Alumni and Guests
Non–profit employees
Military/Government employees
Disney Vacation Club members


Pre–paid Registration packs of 5-25+ for one organization To learn more, click here.

What's Included

  • 3½ days of official Disney Institute training with two facilitators — schedules vary by course and start as early as 2 p.m. on the first day and end as late as 5 p.m. on the final day. Please note your start and end times when you receive your course confirmation. Unless otherwise noted, all Disney Institute public courses are delivered in English.
  • Comprehensive reference materials.
  • Guided field experiences throughout Disneyland® Resort or the Walt Disney World® Resort.
  • Meetings with working leaders and employees (Cast Members).
  • A participant list for future networking.
  • A welcome dinner on the first day of your course, daily breakfast and lunch buffet each subsequent day; and refreshments.
  • Three (3) one-day, one-park, after 4pm park entries.
  • For items not included, such as accommodations, please see our Course FAQs
Multi-Day Course Pricing & Details

Now your organization can save when you pre–pay registration fees for multi-day Disney Institute professional development courses. Purchase 5 or more registrations in advance, and you can save on the non–discounted rate for any course in a multi-day duration.*

Prepaid registrations may be used for any multi-day Disney Institute professional development course held only at the Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort. They can be used up to 12 months from date of purchase, giving you a flexible training option that fits within the schedule and needs of your business and your employees.

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