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To change the way you do business, you have to change the way you think about business.

This 5-minute exercise has been designed to give you high-level insight on your strengths and potential areas of opportunity in the areas of leadership, employee engagement and customer experience from a Disney perspective.

We believe that every employee is a leader, regardless of title, and is able to answer these essential questions about their organization. We encourage you to engage with this tool and then we challenge you to use the results as a starting point in your professional journey.

1. Our customers consistently experience high-quality service when interacting with our organization and our employees.

2. The environment our organization has created for employees allows us to provide high quality service to our customers.

3. Our organization has clearly-defined quality standards that both employees and customers know and understand.

4. Our organization knows the expectations of its customer base.

5. Changes in our organization are managed successfully at all levels.

6. Employees at all levels are consistently involved in decisions affecting their work.

7. Leaders in our organization are held accountable for their behaviors.

8. Employees at all levels understand how they contribute to the organization’s long-term vision for success.

9. Our organization cares about its employees.

10. Our organization consistently communicates its organizational culture.

11. Our organization sets employees up for success by devoting an ample amount of time for training, regular communication and periodic reviews.

12. When hiring, our organization seeks out applicants with attitudes that align with our desired organizational culture.

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