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We have chronicled a few of our client stories and how our work together has changed their business strategy and corporate culture. This is your chance to analyze the results of Disney Institute engagements and begin to understand how we can help you.

There was an immediate connection. When he began speaking, people began to connect the dots. Everyone realized our organizations were not dissimilar.

Vice President of Learning and Development
Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO)
Finance & Real Estate

It really starts with us. If we communicate effectively, listen to our staff and show them how we ‘walk the walk’ then they’ll want to do the same.

Executive Vice President
Arkansas Children's Hospital

Our country has a clear vision of where we want to be with customer service. Disney understands better than almost any organization how to keep employees engaged and invested in service excellence. They’ve been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.

Chief Executive Officer
Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA)
Sports & Venues

I’d always admired the Disney philosophy to strive for perfection… and settle only for excellence. It’s very similar to the philosophies we follow within the Armed Services.

MacDill Air Force Base 6th Medical Group

Changing a company’s culture takes time but we are off to a strong start. Disney Institute helped us discover a clear message for a complex undertaking.

Vice President of Marketing
Finance & Real Estate

We want to make sure the fan experience is of the same world-class nature as the game and the show surrounding it, so in 2011 we turned for advice to Disney, a company that is world-renowned for its delivery of exceptional customer service.

Senior Vice President for Events
National Football League (NFL)
Sports & Venues

We knew Disney had a global reputation for creating great customer experiences. We wanted to do the same.

Vice President of Customer Care
Parker Hannifin
Automotive & Manufacturing

We took a hard look at our satisfaction surveys and discovered that our food scores were a bit higher than our customer service scores.We were good but that wasn’t enough. We wanted to get great. So we asked Disney Institute for help.

Vice President
Runza Restaurants
Retail and F&B

It’s important to make our fans feel like they are important. We need to perfect that personal touch that Disney does so well. If we just sell people a ticket and that’s all we do, we’re not doing our job.

Women’s Athletic Director
University of Tennessee’s athletic department
Sports & Venues

What drew me to Disney Institute were the practical applications— the people at Disney live and breathe this every day. Most people have been to Disney or interacted with Disney in some way. There’s no question that Disney knows customer service.

Chief Administrative Officer
Webster Financial Corporation and Webster Bank
Finance & Real Estate
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