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Multiband Corporation

With Help From Disney Institute, Multiband Improved Customer Service Ratings and Employee Satisfaction



Minneapolis-based Multiband Corporation is one of the largest DIRECTV Master System Operators in the United States focusing on multiple dwelling units (MDU), as well as one of the largest Home Service Providers for DIRECTV, maintaining nearly 20 percent of all DIRECTV installations, maintenance, and upgrades for single-family homes. The company’s leadership saw an opportunity to differentiate itself by providing an outstanding experience in a competitive industry. With help from Disney Institute, Multiband not only improved its customer service ratings and employee satisfaction but also decreased associate turnover.

A Need To Differentiate

Associates of Multiband provide service to more than 7,000 commercial, residential, and MDU customers per day, making a consistent, quality experience a top priority for company leaders. Multiband senior leaders wanted to set their company apart by providing an outstanding level of service. The company knew the best approach to achieve its goal was to start with the company’s culture.

Multiband turned to Disney Institute to help take an existing service culture to a higher level, hoping to increase consistency and to achieve added employee engagement and commitment along the way.

Top-Down Engagement

Disney Institute facilitators developed several programs for Multiband, as part of a multi-phased approach. The experiences started with senior leaders and then continued with regional and field management, and ultimately frontline technicians themselves. Each step in the process focused on sharing Disney best practices as they relate to the customer experience.

"Rather than taking a top-down approach and having management communicate new standards and best practices, we sought to bring frontline employees directly into the fold," says Don Snyder, Vice President of Human Resources at Multiband. "To shift company culture, we needed to alter the entire organization’s view of quality service from all sides."

To better understand Disney principles, Multiband’s senior leaders started by participating in a public program at Walt Disney World® Resort near Orlando, FL. They then took what they learned back to their teams at Multiband, where additional programs were conducted by Disney Institute with employees of varying levels.

Nearly 600 associates, from senior leaders to frontline technicians, have participated in customized programs hosted by Disney Institute at Multiband headquarters since July 2010.

Widespread Results

Disney Institute helped Multiband think through a service framework that includes a common purpose and standards. The company also cultivated ideas from employee brainstorms conducted during Disney Institute engagements. One idea was to always wear shoe covers at client sites, which is now standard procedure.

Inside the company, management noticed improved leadership behaviors and more satisfied, engaged employees. Even company recruiters have re-evaluated the way they hire new staff. "Since we started with Disney Institute, our turnover has gone down nearly 20 percent, and our employee satisfaction has increased roughly 20 percent overall," says Snyder.

Customers are noticing the changes, too. In January 2012, Multiband took over as a service provider in the Miami area. The previous company ranked last out of seven regional providers for quality, customer service, and efficiency. By October 2012, Multiband ranked first in all three categories. It also has been given the opportunity to expand into more territory in the region. "Disney emphasized that every detail matters, which is why we analyzed every color and things like furniture placement," says Chief Executive Officer, James Mandel. "Nothing was left to chance."

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