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Recruiting 101: Marketing Your Organization’s Culture

March 07, 2017 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Imagine, if you will, that you have decided to apply for a role as Cast Member in one of our Disney Parks. After a quick online search, you find yourself on the website pictured above. “Help Make Dreams Come True,” reads the headline. What does this headline say to you about potentially joining the Disney team?

At Disney, we are intentional with our recruiting; we seek to hire candidates based on required skills and cultural fit – and our marketing reflects that approach. The website featured above is one recruitment tactic used to share our Walt Disney Parks and Resorts culture with job seekers. The combination of imagery and language deliberately places our unique cultural identity right up front for the viewer.

Throughout these recruitment efforts, current Cast Members are represented through visual storytelling that brings each role to life, while also highlighting some of the behaviors that have become emblematic of, “being Disney.” Take a look below at some of the Cast Member photos featured within the Disney Parks online recruitment efforts. Ask yourself, “What uniquely Disney behaviors are displayed?”

Why is this important? Because, to be a successful Disney Cast Member, a candidate should have more than just a strong technical resume. At Disney Institute, in our professional development training courses, we share what we have found to be a key success factor in Disney’s recruitment marketing: cultural immersion.

We teach business leaders, hiring managers and HR professionals that the text, graphics, images, and videos used in their organization’s recruitment marketing should deliberately speak to the type of person who will be a “best-fit” for the organization’s culture, as well as the position itself. After all, recruitment marketing may be the first opportunity to deliberately showcase your organization’s distinct personality and values to potential employees.

Certainly, that does not mean you should entirely discount necessary skills during the recruitment process. Seeking to attract those with specific skill sets alone may still be an efficient approach. But, is it the most effective approach? Investing in a recruitment campaign that deliberately emphasizes your organization’s culture in addition to testing for skills could lead to far greater success.  

Want to learn more? Consider enrolling in our Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement course, our professional development training course that imparts techniques for improving workplace culture through employee selection, training, communication and care. This unique learning opportunity is available in 1-day and 3.5-day formats at both Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Think about it: How are you sharing your organization’s culture with potential employees?

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