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Halfway Point Challenge: Are Your Personal and Professional Goals On Track for 2016?

June 30, 2016 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Did you know… July 1 at exactly 12 p.m. noon is considered to be the official “halfway” point of each calendar year? Yes, hard to believe, but we’ve already come to the halfway point of another year.   

I think this day presents a great opportunity for each of us to take what I call a “halfway point” challenge. Consider this: On July 1, take a few minutes to pause, reflect and check-in on your personal and professional goals. 

Don’t just say you are going to do it…really get after it and do it! Schedule time or carve out a few minutes on your calendar for a check-in. Ask yourself: Where do I stand? What do I want to accomplish in the remainder of 2016?

Like most of us, at the beginning of the year you probably made a few New Year’s resolutions. Are you on-track with them? Where might you focus a little more effort, time or attention to stay on track with accomplishing your goals?

In the meantime, if you need a little inspiration that might help you to re-examine and re-prioritize your goals, here are our most popular posts (thus far) of 2016:

Tell us – How are you doing with your “halfway point” challenge this year?

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