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#DThink Twitter Chat Recap: Why Should All Employees, Including Leaders, Experience the Frontline?

April 08, 2016 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

In our Disney Institute professional development training courses, we teach individuals and businesses from around the world a fundamental lesson: Great customer service emanates from a profound, in-depth understanding of your organization’s overall customer experience.

While there are many methods organizations can use to understand their customer experience, a simple yet often overlooked way is for all employees, including leaders, to roll up their shirt sleeves from time to time and experience working the frontline. Why? Becauseempathy is a critical tool for understanding customer expectations, and these types of first-hand experiences tend to stick with us. Plus, leaders who stay connected to the frontline will be able to better understand the impact of their decisions on customers, employees and the overall customer experience.

During our most recent #DThink Twitter Chat, we had excellent dialogue with our Twitter community about this topic. Questions and answers were based on the curriculum from Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, our professional development training course that explores Disney best practices in quality service and offers insights that other organizations can use to differentiate themselves from their competition.

A number of fantastic insights were shared throughout the chat. Read the full chat here, or below we have shared a few highlights from the discussion:

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