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Aspire Higher at the 2016 Disney Institute Customer Experience Summit

April 26, 2016 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

Are you looking for new ways to think about and improve your organization’s customer interactions? Do you aspire higher? 

In today’s competitive business environment, focusing on the customer experience has become the single-most important way for an organization to achieve success—often becoming its key differentiator and competitive advantage.

That’s why it’s critical for leaders of today’s organizations to understand that focusing on the customer experience is not just about improving the “customer service” department, or function. It’s about paying extraordinary attention to the details of everything that happens before, during, and after these service interactions—the holistic customer experience if you will.

With customer experience now playing an increasingly important role in sustaining organizational growth and business success, we are excited to announce the 2016 Disney Institute Customer Experience Summit at Walt Disney World® Resort, August 22-25, 2016.

Unlike other conferences where you only hear ideas, this one-of-a-kind, immersive learning event will be your unique opportunity to live, feel and observe customer experience best practices in action, in the world’s most renowned customer experience (CX) environment—the business operations of Walt Disney World Resort.

The 2016 Disney Institute Customer Experience Summit is designed to inspire action. Not only will you participate in first-hand exploration of Disney business insights and best practices in service, employee engagement, and leadership, you will learn how these critical customer experience elements can be adapted and applied to your own customer interactions. 

But, that’s not all! You will also:

  • Gain unprecedented access to learn from some of Disney’s most accomplished and influential leaders, including George Kalogridis, President, Walt Disney World Resort
  • Tailor your personal learning experience by selecting from an array of unique field experiences into the Disney Parks, Resorts and operational areas that have never before been available through the Disney Institute course portfolio
  • Get a holistic perspective on, “How does Disney do it?” in our approach to customer experience
  • Enjoy unexpected surprises and a little Disney magic along a way! 

So, what are you waiting for? We hope you can join us. Learn more about the Disney Institute Customer Experience Summit or register today.

Think about it: Do you aspire higher?

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