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February 09, 2016 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

We’ve been reading, more and more, about companies who provide elaborate perks to their employees—everything from all-expense-paid vacations, to onsite relaxation lounges, offering a tranquil escape and spa-like amenities such as aromatherapy sessions and massage therapists.

No doubt about it, these perks do sound pretty fantastic! And, in the short term, they can serve the intended purpose of attracting talent, and perhaps, making people happier and more productive in their roles. However, to truly attract, engage, and ultimately retain great people, workplace perks should be part of an overall workplace culture that is characterized by a sense of genuine care.

As we’ve shared previously, consistently demonstrating genuine care is one key component of fostering employee engagement and sustaining a positive workplace culture over time. Whether it’s practicing intentional listening, eliminating workplace hassles or fostering meaningful peer-to-peer relationships, developing a sincere, caring relationship with your team contributes to a culture of commitment to common goals rather than compliance to mandates or directives.

While it can be easy to forget, given elaborate perks like those listed above, showing genuine care for employees doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money. You can look for any number of on-going opportunities to recognize employees on the spot and simply say, “thank you.” These actions can speak volumes to your team about the value you place in them, particularly when you make the effort to personalize your efforts to your employees. 

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