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#DThink Twitter Chat Recap: Designing an Exceptional Service Experience

December 11, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

In our Disney Institute training courses and presentations that take place around the world, we teach individuals and businesses this fundamental lesson: Exceptional service is achievable for every organization because service is “architected” from systems and processes that you control.

What do we mean? Exceptional service does not simply come from a friendly transaction or helpful technology alone, it is the result of deeply understanding your customer’s expectations, putting in place the right guidelines, organizational processes and service standards to exceed them, and then consistently delivering that service over and over again.

Essentially, exceptional service can never emanate from mass improvisation—but rather it must be painstakingly “designed” across the entire system.

During our most recent #DThink Twitter Chat, we had excellent dialogue with our Twitter community about this topic. Questions and answers were based on the curriculum from Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, our professional development training course that explores how organization’s can develop their own system-wide framework for consistently delivering exceptional service.

A number of fantastic insights were shared throughout the chat. Read the full chat here, or below we have shared a few highlights from the discussion:


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