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We Asked, You Responded: Stuck in a Creative Rut? How Do You Generate New Ideas?

October 01, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

How do you generate new ideas? How do you break out of a creativity rut? What inspires your creativity? These are all great questions that every business professional should consider regularly.

At Disney Institute, we believe that creativity is the fuel that ignites organizational innovation, and thus, companies and individuals seeking to differentiate themselves from their competition should always be looking for ways to be more creative. In fact, as we’ve previously written about, the key to business innovation is the integration of inherent personal creativity with intentional organizational innovation processes.

So, how can someone tap into more of his or her inherent creativity? Recently, we were inspired by this Fast Company article: How the Most Creative People in Business Generate New Ideas. I encourage you to take a look, as there were some fascinating ideas shared. 

We also recently asked our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook fans these same questions to find out what inspires them and from where they draw their creativity. While we couldn’t share all of the responses, we received many engaging, thoughtful and inspiring ideas. Here are few of the highlights:

In Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, our professional development training course, we explore how creativity and innovation can create value and improve business results. By encouraging each employee to tap into their personal imagination, organizations can maximize their potential and create a lasting competitive advantage.

Tell us – Where do you find creative inspiration? What other sources might spark creativity?

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