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Customer Service 101: Three Tips for Empowering Speedy Service Recovery

August 20, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

“I’ll need to speak with my manager.” This probably sounds familiar to most of us, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with involving ones manager in helping to make decisions. However, when a service failure occurs, it is essential to resolve the issue quickly. And, while some customers may expect to speak with a manager to resolve their issue, clearly it can slow down the process.

At Disney Institute, when it comes to delivering quality customer service, we believe speed is critical to recovery, and is best achieved by the maximum possible delegation of authority.

With tens of thousands of visitors each day to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts around the world, we recognize that issues will occasionally come up. Therefore, it’s essential that employees are equipped with tools to enable them to quickly resolve as many issues as possible on their own.

Here are three guidelines to share with employees to help them resolve service failures quickly. To effectively empower your staff, proposed solutions must be:

  1. Achievable: Your recovery must be realistic and able to be carried through. You are fulfilling a genuine promise to the customer; so be sure to only offer products or services that can realistically be delivered.
  2. Accessible: Service recovery solutions must be readily obtainable. For example, if you have determined that a meal voucher is a reasonable solution for a less-than-perfect dining experience, be sure the vouchers are available to employees when needed—not just when the one person with the key to the “voucher drawer” is present.
  3. Appropriate: In any situation when a service failure occurs, it is important to make up for the failure with a suitable or fitting resolution. Many customers will already feel a level of reassurance from knowing that the first person they encounter can actually help them, so listen closely and focus on a solution that is tailored to each customer’s unique situation.

With these three guidelines in mind, customers will soon discover that everyone is “the right person,” when it comes to providing speedy service recovery.

Want to learn more? Consider enrolling in our Disney’s Approach to Quality Service course. Offered at both the Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, this course offers participants the chance to learn how to recover effectively from a service failure and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. Or, take a look at this previous post: Customer Service Disney Style: What If You Can’t Give a Customer What They Want.

Tell us – how does your organization quickly and effectively resolves customer service issues?

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