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Three Keys to Fostering a Work Environment That Breeds Creativity

July 21, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Recently, Inc. magazine featured an interesting read: How to Prime Your Brain for Creativity. According to the infographic shared in the article, a full three quarters (75 percent) of U.S. adults believe that being creative is valuable to society, and even more (76 percent) feel that creativity is important to them personally.

These stats don’t surprise us, and as we’ve shared in previous posts, fostering creativity in the workplace is the key to igniting innovation. And, when fully operationalized as a strategy, a “culture of creativity” becomes a key contributor to an organization’s sustained growth and success; often becoming a valuable competitive differentiator.

At Disney Institute, we believe that for an organization to continue to thrive in the future, creativity must be embedded in its people and its business processes. In fact, we have found that the key to business innovation is the ongoing integration of inherent personal creativity with organizational innovation processes.

Leaders must find ways to connect personal and organizational creativity, but where do they start? Here are three keys to creating an environment where everyone can contribute to the creative process:

  1. Inspire people with a passion for the purpose. Individuals are more likely to collaborate effectively with team members and contribute to the creative process when they understand and believe in a shared and meaningful purpose.
  2. Separate people from ideas. In a truly collaborative and creative environment, “who” expressed the idea will not matter. While an individual may ultimately get credit for an idea that comes to fruition, all that really matters to the team or organization is that ideas get expressed…the more, the better!
  3. Celebrate “successful failures.”Fear of failure can cause creative paralysis. Creating an environment where failure is permissible, recognizing that the failure occurred, learning from that failure, and then trying again will strengthen the organization’s ability to learn, adapt, and innovate.

In our Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence professional development course, we explore this topic and teach business professionals that collaborative, creative processes can only succeed when high levels of trust are present. By creating an environment where people are passionate about the common purpose, where they can share ideas freely and celebrate failures, will help build trust into the creative process as well as the in the culture of the organization.

Tell us – What can you start doing differently to implement these three keys to fostering creativity within your organization? 

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