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7 Ways To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

July 14, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

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Now that it’s officially summer vacation season, it’s a great opportunity to touch on the importance of making time for oneself. No matter your role in an organization, finding time to recharge is critical for each of us to creatinge a better work-life balance.

Not surprisingly, according to a 2014 study by the American Sociological Review, 70 percent of workers struggle daily with finding a work-life system that works for them. But, did you know that personal time—whether it’s time away from the workplace or just a few hours of “escape” from our daily stresses—is just as important to an organization’s overall health as it is to our individual well-being?

It’s true, and leadership plays an important role in this. At Disney Institute, we teach business professionals that "genuine care is one of the most critical and important aspects of fostering true employee engagement in the workplace. And, by providing lifestyle support and care for the whole individual—considering employee interests outside the workplace as well as in—sends a strong message that leaders genuinely care.

Openly encouraging discussing the importance of work-life balance is one way leaders can demonstrate genuine care for their employees. Urging staff to take breaks and use their vacation time is a great start; but more importantly, by modeling these behaviors themselves, leaders will set a tone that a healthy balance is truly valued and appreciated. The leader’s role in actually “walking the talk” is critical in building and "sustaining higher employee engagement, and leading to more increasing commitment to the job, to the team and to the organization itself as a whole.

According to Fast Companyhere are seven tips* practiced by leaders who have managed to find a healthy balance in their daily routine. Consider adopting them yourself, and even more importantly, make an intentional effort to share them with help your employees adopt them as well.

What other tips or advice do you have for helping achieve have you found to be helpful in achieving work-life balance?

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