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#DThink Twitter Chat Recap: Why Must Leaders Make Employee Training and Development a Priority?

June 04, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Leaders, take note: 54 percent of employees feel their leader lacks the necessary skills to effectively manage their staff, and 77 percent of employees feel they don’t have enough access to training and development programs. These striking findings are according to the Workforce 2020 study by Oxford Economics and SAP SE.

Of course, many factors influence these statistics, but in our work with clients, we see two in particular come up time and time again—and both have a direct and lasting impact on employee engagement: leadership and how well people are trained to do their job.

It’s a common mistake; many companies and organizations invest great effort in hiring the right people, but then underinvest in—or significantly underestimate—the amount of professional development training necessary to help those employees achieve their full potential. This can directly impact an organization’s turnover rate; providing a clear business case for why professional development training is critical in fostering employee engagement and retention.

During our most recent D’Think Twitter Chat (held the first Wednesday of each month), we had excellent dialogue with our Twitter community about this very topic. Questions and answers were based on the curriculum from Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence, our professional development training course that explores how leaders play a key role in fostering and sustaining employee engagement.

A number of fantastic insights were shared throughout the chat. Click here for a full recap, or below we have shared a few highlights from the discussion:


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