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A Disney Leader’s Perspective: Creating a Culture of Care

June 16, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Think of a time when you were made to feel special at work. Did your supervisor tell you that you were doing a great job? Perhaps you received a special “thank-you-for-being-you” email or note from your manager? Were you publicly commended for your attention to detail on a project? When was the last time you spent 5 minutes chatting informally with each of your employees, including those working on the frontline?

These kinds of actions, though simple, can have a more powerful impact than you might think—translating not just into happier employees, but strengthening employee engagement and overall organizational culture as well.

At Disney Institute, we believe that great leadership requires finding as many ways as practically possible to regularly demonstrate genuine care for your people. “As practically possible” does not necessarily mean spending lots of money on elaborate gifts or grand gestures. Instead, employees really just want to know that you care about them as individuals.

In our professional development training courses, we teach business leaders from around the world that demonstrating genuine care means showing real concern for the well being of each person in the organization. It’s about deliberately paying attention to employees as human beings and as unique individuals. This kind of genuine care must be built directly into the company culture—not as an extra benefit, but as a foundation.

In the video below, Disney leader Rilous Carter explains this concept and talks about how demonstrating genuine interest and concern for each member of his team fosters a culture of care:

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Or, consider enrolling in Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence, our professional development training course that offers the opportunity to hone your personal leadership skills by exploring values alignment, communication strategies, and sustainment tools that can positively impact you and your organization.

Think about your own actions and behaviors—what are some additional ways you can show genuine care for your employees?

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