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Culture 101: Why It’s Important to Hire For Behaviors as Well as Skills

March 26, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

All organizations hire people. In the typical organization, a number of these new hires will fail—leading to the inevitable, and seemingly unending cycles of turnover, loss of productivity, and negative impact on morale and workplace culture. At the same time, many will become solid performers, and some will absolutely excel.

While some failure is probably inevitable, the organizations with the highest retention and most highly engaged employees often have one thing in commonthey are very intentional about their hiring processes.

What do these successful companies and organizations do differently? First, they understand that each new candidate comes with a set of pre-existing values and behaviors, which may or may not align with their organization’s culture. Then, they hire for a clearly defined set of desired behaviors as well as technical skills.

In the video below, Austin Brock further explains this concept. And, as we teach the individuals and organizations with whom we work, a candidate’s behavioral attributes can often make the difference between surviving and thriving within our unique organizational culture.

Want to learn more? Check out Four Ways to Be More Intentional About Employee Selection or 3 Reasons Its OK to Hire Less Qualified Candidates for some great tips.

Or, consider our professional development training course, Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement, which offers the opportunity to examine first-hand our time-tested business practices to help you attract, train, and retain the very best people for your company culture.

How are you ensuring that candidates are right-fit for your organizational culture?

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