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#DThink Twitter Chat Recap: Blending Personal Creativity and Business Innovation

February 12, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Why should we encourage everyone to be creative? Doesn’t creativity detract from productivity? And, isn’t “being creative” the responsibility of our “creative people?” These are some of the questions business leaders are faced with every day. The truth is creativity is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. Workplace creativity is the fuel that ignites innovation, and it’s an undeniable part of an organization’s sustained growth and success; often becoming a competitive differentiator.

Unfortunately, too many organizations tend to keep “personal” creativity separate from “organizational” innovation. At Disney Institute, we believe that for an organization to continue to thrive in the future, creativity must be embedded in its people and business processes, and the two must be interdependent. In fact, we have found that the key to successful business innovation is the deliberate and ongoing integration of personal creativity with organizational processes.

During our most recent #DThink Twitter Chat, we had excellent dialogue with our Twitter community about this topic. Featuring content from our professional development training courses, which explore how organizations can tap employee creativity to drive organizational innovation, we posed four questions to guide the discussion.

Throughout the chat, our fans provided many excellent and insightful responses. Read the full chat here, or below we have shared a few highlights from the conversation:

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How are you integrating personal creativity and business processes in your organization?

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