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Culture 101: Caring About Employees Beyond the Workplace

January 19, 2015 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

For more than two decades, my colleagues and I at Disney Institute have shared the importance of engaging employees at an emotional level. Specifically, we have seen that the extent to which an organization demonstrates genuine care for its people often correlates nicely to the amount of discretionary effort its employees are willing to invest in their work.Ultimately, these efforts can lead to increased employee effectiveness and improved business results.

We also have found that care is not just about what you do for people; it is about how they feel about you and the organization. Many people will likely appreciate benefits and services such as dry-cleaning and gym memberships. We suggest, however, that employees also want to know that you care about them as an individual. An employee’s work life and home life are not necessarily mutually exclusive and genuine care extends beyond workplace “perks.”

In the video below, Disney Institute’s Austin Brock explains why caring for your people holistically (i.e. beyond the workplace) sends an important message about the organization’s culture, fosters employee engagement and retention, and ultimately leads to a much stronger workforce.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to organizational culture, and adapt it to strengthen your own personal skills, consider enrolling in our professional development training course: Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement. By learning how to nurture genuine care, and how to communicate to further inspire, motivate and engage your employees, your will be well on your way to creating and sustaining a culture of excellence.

Tell us – What are some ways to show genuine care for employees outside of the workplace?

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