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Counting Down: Our Top 10 Posts of 2014

December 16, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

How time flies! It’s hard to believe it’s nearly 2015. Though they always seem to come so quickly, I’m always excited to welcome a New Year.

However, before we close out 2014, let’s look back and review the most popular blog posts of the past 12 months. From the critical role that training plays in sustaining employee engagement, to improving leadership skills, to delivering exceptional customer experience, we explored many compelling topics and organizational opportunities this year.

So, here they are…the “Top 10” Most Popular Talking Point posts of 2014*:

10.) The Secret to Delighting Customers? Put Employees First

9.) CRM Success: What’s Your ‘First Pickle’ Button?

8.) Announcing our Newly Reimagined Professional Development Courses

7.) Customer Service 101: How to Rupture Industry Stereotypes

6.) Why Are Emotional Connections the Key to Exceptional Service?

5.) Great Leadership Stems from Continuous Learning

4.) Leadership Lessons From Walt Disney: Communicating a Vision

3.) Don’t Fail Your Employees: Why Professional Development is Critical

2.) Leadership Lessons From Walt Disney: The Power of Storytelling

1.) Leadership Lessons From Walt Disney: Perfecting the Customer Experience

  *Rankings are based on the number of total unique visitors to each post.

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