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The Secret to Delighting (And Keeping) Your Customers Well Beyond the Holidays

November 18, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

A recent article in Entrepreneur offers 5 Ways to Dazzle and Delight Your Customers This Holiday Season. In short, the author encourages companies to give their customers a great deal, appreciation, a special offer, or an update or improvement on an existing product to show customers you are listening.  

No doubt, these are all are good ideas that will help your brand or business stand out this holiday season. But, then what? Can you count on these tactics to generate customer loyalty indefinitely? Not necessarily. Threats to customer relationships are constant, and can come from anywhere, and at any time – not only from competitors, but also as a result of shifting demographics, disruptive technologies or a fluctuating economy. The question is, have you done enough? Have you been as loyal to your customers as you expect them to be of you?

To answer these questions, you must deliberately think beyond the holiday season. In fact, the very best time to dazzle and delight your customers and to build sustained brand loyalty is every single day, with each interaction. Every effort must focus on creating a deep attachment between your brand and your customer – a personal, deeply felt emotional connection that inspires true loyalty.

So, how can you move your business strategy beyond repeat purchase behavior to building true brand attachment? The answer: make a meaningful and credible promise to your customers, and then deliver on that promise over and over again.

Think of how some of the world’s leading brands have developed authentic relationships with their customers. Not only do they promise tangible benefits in the form of the superior products and services they provide; these companies also deliver intangible benefits that connect emotionally. Confidence, peace of mind, special memories, comfort, security, extra time, etc. are just a few examples of intangible benefits that are highly valued by customers, and they each could play a role in inspiring deep attachment with your company or brand.

Remember, any company can say to their customer, “we promise to provide you with these tangible and intangible benefits.” The challenge - and the opportunity - is to deliver on this promise repeatedly and consistently over time. The reward for this level of commitment is deep attachment, which can lead to business success for this holiday season, and well beyond!

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What tangible and intangible benefits do you promise to your customers? How can you consistently deliver these over time?

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