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#DThink Twitter Chat Recap: How Does Internal Communications Impact Company Culture?

November 06, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Think about the communication that happens every day at work. From emails to voicemails, to printed, face-to-face, verbal and even non-verbal communication – for most people, there is an over-abundance of communication to absorb at any given moment. Given the relative importance of communication, could too much of a good thing actually be a reason why only 30% of employees say they are engaged at work

At Disney Institute, we believe when it comes fostering employee engagement, the quality of an organization’s internal communication is just as critical as the quantity. In other words, an organization must be just as intentional about its employee communication as it is with its external communication. Why? Because we have observed that high-quality communication can actively reinforce culture; while low-quality communication can undermine culture.

During our recent D’Think Twitter Chat (held the first Wednesday of each month), we had excellent dialogue with our community about this topic. Featuring questions and answers based on Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement (our professional development course on company culture), we discussed the critical role that internal communication plays in fostering employee engagement.

There were many excellent responses throughout the Chat. Click here for a full recap. Or, below we have shared a few of our favorite Tweets:

Share your perspective: How does internal communication impact company culture? What impacts have to you seen in your own organization? 

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