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Think You’re Not Creative? Think Again. How Daily Life Can Drive Business Innovation

October 16, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

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Are you creative? What about your co-workers – are they creative? At Disney Institute, we believe that the correct answer is that everyone has the potential to be creative; and everyone can contribute to organizational innovation.

In a recent blog post, we shared that the key to unlocking inherent, personal creativity can be as simple as being exposed to many different experiences. Since you never know where you might find inspiration or what might spark an idea, it’s critical to continuously seek new sources of enlightenment to learn other ways of thinking.

Yet, sometimes the mere suggestion of trying to think more creatively can be met with resistance and hesitation. Why? Some people simply don’t consider themselves to be creative. They think: “I’m not imaginative,” or “I’m creativity challenged,” or “I could never come up with a good idea.”

We beg to differ. In reality, we all make decisions every single day in our personal lives that rely on creativity and improvisation skills. The key is to adapt these same skills to the business world.

In the video below, Ben Reed from Disney Institute explains this idea and how it can be applied to create business innovation.

In Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, our professional development training course, we explore how innovation can create value and improve business results. By encouraging every employee to tap in to their personal imagination, organizations can maximize their potential and create a lasting competitive advantage.

And, for more on this topic, see:

Tell us – What are some other small examples of innovative thinking that can be drawn from your personal life and applied to your business life?  

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