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Customer Service ‘Top 10’: Our Best Blogs To Get Your Customer Experience Primed For the Holiday Rush

October 09, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

‘Tis almost the season for holiday hustle and bustle. Smiles, cheerfulness, kindness and generosity…those are all things we usually associate with the holidays. But, what about great customer service? Why is it that customer service during the holidays is often described as “inconsistent” at best? At Disney Institute, we would contend that, even in a hectic business environment, exceptional customer service is possible.

At Disney, the holidays are also an exceptionally busy time for our businesses – from resorts, to theme parks, to cruise ships, to dining and retail operations worldwide. What have we learned? Great service is not only about hiring great people. The key to success lies in paying attention to the systems, standards and processes that are put in place to support employees and guide the customer experience.

What has helped many organizations is to understand that service is not just about hiring friendly people and hoping they will deliver better customer service than the competitor. In order to be successful and consistently deliver a great customer service, organizations must take more of an “integrated systems approach.”

At Disney Institute, we believe exceptional customer service is achievable for every organization because the service experience is “architected” from systems and processes they control. So, what does this look like? Exceptional customer service results when an organization focuses on three keys components:

  • The careful design of service;
  • The intentional delivery of service;
  • And, the construction of a service recovery “safety net” for those times when service does not go according to plan.

In past Talking Point blogs, we have explored these three components of exceptional customer service much more in depth. To get your organization ready for the fast-approaching (and fast-moving!) holiday season, here are our some of our Most Popular Customer Service Blogs:

Bonus: If your organization is hiring seasonal staff, also be sure to check out: Seasonal Hiring: Four Ways to be More Intentional About Employee Selection

Tell us – What is your most memorable holiday season customer service experience? What about it exceeded your expectations?

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