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How Can You Be More Creative And Innovative? See A Bigger Picture

September 09, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

In a highly competitive, global economy, organizations and individuals seeking to differentiate themselves from their competition are always looking for ways to be more creative. After all, creativity is the very fuel that ignites the innovation process.

But, for sustained innovation to occur, it is necessary to acknowledge that personal creativity and business innovation are interdependent. In fact, we believe the key to business innovation is the integration of inherent personal creativity with intentional organizational innovation processes.

So, how can someone tap into more of his or her inherent creativity? In the video below, Ben Reed from Disney Institute explains how becoming more creative can start by simply being exposed to many different experiences.

In Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, our professional development training course, we explore how innovation can create value and improve business results. By encouraging every employee to tap in to their personal imagination, organizations can maximize their potential and create a lasting competitive advantage.

Tell us – Where do you find creative inspiration? What other sources might spark creativity?

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