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How Strategic Is Your Social Media Recruiting? Why You Should D’Think It

July 08, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Bus Driver

To the little girl pictured above, this gentleman is not just a bus driver. He is her coachman. At Disney, magical moments such as the one pictured above happen every single day. It’s what we do: “We create happiness.”

But, you might be asking: “How does this happen on a consistent basis every single day?” We go into great detail about this subject in our professional development course that focuses on Disney culture, but essentially, the process begins with recruiting. At Disney, we are intentional about our recruiting; we hire candidates based on required skills and desired behaviors.

Take a moment and watch the video below, which is used on our “Walt Disney World Jobs” social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) to attract and recruit candidates for bus driver positions. Watch closely. What specific skills and behaviors are we seeking that are clearly conveyed in the video? What does this video communicate about our culture

Not surprisingly, according to this infographic, 92 percent of companies are now using social media in their recruiting and hiring efforts. Social media has become an invaluable tool for hiring managers to connect with job seekers. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more recently, Instagram, are all being leveraged as efficient and cost effective ways to reach prospective candidates and communicate about open positions.

More recently, though, we have noticed a shift in the way companies are using social media for recruiting. It’s a more strategic approach that leverages the visual nature of these platforms, creating an opportunity for candidates to obtain a clearer understanding of an organization’s expectations and the qualifications for open positions up front…even before candidates have submitted their applications and set foot in the door.

Why is this important? Because, organizations not only want to find the best employees with the skills to do the job, they also want to create long-term value for the organization by finding those who most perfectly align with their organizational culture, values and desired behaviors.

Here are a few more examples of our social media efforts used for recruiting new bus drivers. The graphics below appeared on our various “Walt Disney World Jobs” social media accounts. What do these graphics convey? 

Bus Recruiting Ads

So, how can your organization achieve greater success in finding, engaging and hiring right-fit talent? Here’s what we have learned over the years: Your selection (hiring) process must significantly overemphasize desired behaviors, in addition to testing for skills.

Social media offers an excellent way for recruiters to offer prospective candidates “cultural immersion” into the organization. The text, graphics, images and videos of the organization’s social media posts should deliberately speak to the type of person who will be a “best-fit” for an open position – and for the culture. This strategy will help the organization determine whether or not a candidate will be a great fit, and it will help the candidate determine if the organization is right fit for them.

Tell us - how can your organization be more strategic with its social media recruiting efforts?  

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