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Announcing our Newly Reimagined Professional Development Courses

June 24, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Newly reimagined courses at Disney Institute.

Walt Disney once said, “I believe in being an innovator.” Although it was many years ago, his words still ring true today. At Disney Institute, we teach organizations how to harness the power of creativity and innovation to continue to be unique and relevant in today’s competitive marketplace.

It’s why we at Disney Institute are excited to announce our “newly reimagined” professional development courses. Available at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disneyland Resort in Southern California, these one-day and multi-day programs are designed to teach Disney insights and best practices that participants can apply to their own businesses or professional careers.

In the spirit of innovation, all Disney Institute courses have been refreshed with new content and illustrations to provide a more relevant and useful learning experience for our global audience of business professionals. Our goal is to arm them with the know-how to navigate today’s dynamic business environment and consumer-driven marketplace. These new insights are easily adaptable into participant’s own business environments and personal careers.

Additionally, we’ve developed new field experiences to take participants out of the classroom and behind the scenes of our theme parks, resorts and other operational areas to see and experience firsthand our practices in real time.  

Field experiences go behind the scenes at Disney parks and resorts.
It’s one of the ways our courses are so unique. By giving participants the opportunity to observe for themselves in our “living laboratory,” they can better understand how Disney’s time-tested methodologies are operationalized and witness our principles of business excellence in action. 

Some of the new field experiences featured as part of our six professional development courses include: 

  • Mapping Service Touchpoints - participants travel to one of our Theme Parks and utilize touchpad devices to observe and record Disney service standards in action.
  • Brand Segmentation – participants travel to Downtown Disney and utilize role-playing to examine how differentiated offerings contribute to multi-generational brand loyalty.
  • Inspiring “Special Touches” – participants travel to a Disney Resort to see firsthand how leaders empower housekeeping staff to regularly create special touches for Guests. 
  • Backstage Care – participants travel to the Cast Wardrobe department of one of our Theme Parks to learn how empowerment and a focus on innovation paid off big in increased Cast Member satisfaction.

We hope you are excited to hear about the new line-up of courses, because we are even more excited to share these new insights, illustrations and experiences with you! 

Tell us - Have you experienced a Disney Institute course? What was your favorite part or most insightful learning?

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