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People First, Productivity Follows: Disney Institute Highlights #ASTD2014 Conference

May 06, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Disney Institute had the pleasure of presenting an Education Session based on creating and nurturing a culture of excellence yesterday during the Annual American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) International Conference & Exposition held in Washington, D.C. This conference hosts more than 9,000 colleagues from the training and HR industries to share best practices and insights.

Disney Institute shared time-tested best practices from The Walt Disney Company focusing on the importance of creating a culture that fully engages and enables an organization’s employees. Below are some key points from his session:

  • Employee Selection: Hiring right fit talent is crucial to the long term success of your organization. Hiring processes should include behavior-based questions, in addition to skill-based hiring. Individuals who exhibit behaviors that match the established culture of an organization are more likely to be engaged, translating to a long-term and happy workforce.
  • Training: Once an organization has the right fit talent, it is essential to train those individuals to reinforce your company’s principles and impart necessary skills. Training must be operationalized across an organization, from orientation to sessions throughout one’s career. Training allows employees to develop essential skills that will help propel the organization to reach success.
  • Communication: Organizations often underestimate the importance of communication in the workplace, yet effective communication determines the success of an organization. At Disney Institute, we encourage everyone to redefine intentional communication as two-way, and listening is the most important part of this model. How well do you intentionally listen to your team, and then act on what you have heard?
  • Care: The question is often “How do I increase productivity?” However, at Disney Institute, we challenge you to reframe the question to “how can I improve employee engagement?” The answer: Genuine Care. By genuinely caring for your employees, beyond benefits and incentive programs, your organization will create a more engaged, positive, and productive work environment. 

#ASTD2014 Attendees: What was the most insightful trend you learned at this conference?

Disney Institute is sharing industry trends from other speakers throughout the event that can be found on our Twitter page. For more interactive Twitter chats, join our D’Think Chat with a Disney leader tomorrow, Wednesday, May 7 at noon ET. This month’s chat will further discuss culture.


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