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Finding Inspiration for Innovation in the New Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

May 29, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

“The only thing we should fear and be on constant guard against is getting bogged down – getting into the ruts of monotony and timeworn repetitions which the business of entertainment cannot long stand.”  – Walt Disney

While Walt Disney originally shared this quote in regards to the motion picture industry, the same concept can be applied when overcoming barriers to organizational innovation. Too many organizations get bogged down in a routine that they have found successful. However, it is important to continuously challenge your team to consider new ways to deliver on your brand promise.

Remember…Innovation does not only stem from the newest digital advancements; and innovation looks different to every organization.

Offering a business lesson on innovating the brand experience, let’s consider the Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which officially opened to our Guests as of May 28, 2014. Playing off the storybook classic, Snow White, it brings to life the beloved tale in a whole new way.

Although Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was originally released in 1937, more than 75 years ago, this attraction creates new relevancy for today’s audience. Guests who have grown up with a strong affinity for the story’s beloved characters already have an emotional connection before riding the attraction. 

However, for many younger Guests, this attraction might be the first experience they will have with the Seven Dwarfs. By utilizing the latest technology, yet remaining true to the brand experience, it provides an innovative way to retell a classic story that remains at the heart of The Walt Disney Company.

So, how do you keep your brand relevant?

Think Innovation.

For your organization, innovation may or may not mean the latest and greatest digital advancement. The key to keeping your brand relevant in any changing landscape is to align new products and services with the core values of your organization. And, before innovating, consider how new experiences will elevate your total brand experience and create new relevancy for your target audience.

Consider these guidelines when launching new products and services:

  1. The new product or service must align with the brand promise.
  2. When designing the total brand experience, never underestimate the power of small details to make a significant contribution to that experience.
  3. Remember segments do not experience your product, individuals do.

With all this in mind, what can innovation look like in your organization?

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