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The Importance of Hiring the Right People: D’Think Chat Recap

April 03, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Yesterday, we hosted our monthly D’Think Chat on Twitter where we discussed the topic of culture with Disney Institute facilitator, Kendal Jolly. We had an excellent dialogue with our online community who shared insights from their experiences with selecting right fit talent, as well as training, communication, and demonstrating genuine care.

We opened our discussion with the question of why right fit talent is so important. Our community provided interesting and compelling thoughts to support the idea that hiring for behaviors and cultural fit cannot be ignored.

At Disney Institute, we encourage organizations to place special emphasis on behaviors and cultural fit when recruiting and selecting new team members. There are real downstream consequences to be considered. In essence:

When the candidate gets the job…

Right – fit = Engaged

Wrong – fit = Disengaged

So tell us: How does your organization recruit and select talent? Follow us on Twitter and share your comments and experience.

We want to hear your perspective! We hope you will join us Wednesday, May 7, for our next D’Think Chat on Twitter where we will focus on Creativity and Innovation in the workplace.


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