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The Power in the Details: Brand D’Think Chat Recap

March 06, 2014 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

As part of Brand Takeover Week, Disney Institute’s Twitter page has been providing followers with tips to help transform and strengthen organization’s brands. In addition to live tweeting the BRITE Conference held at Columbia University, a conference speaking to brand, innovation, and technology, Disney Institute held its’ monthly D’Think Twitter chat on brand. Through Disney Institute insights, companies’ best practices and our conversation with our followers, we found one clear common theme:

Details, Details, Details

Paying extra attention to the small details can significantly improve the total brand experience. Many organizations overlook the fact that customers are constantly paying attention to the details of each interaction. However, the brand experience cannot be left up to chance.

At Disney Institute, we know that when designing the brand experience, organizations should not underestimate the power of small details to make a significant contribution to that experience. From employee uniforms, nametags, addressing guests by their name or taking the time to engage in a friendly conversation with a customer, the little details say a lot about who you are as a brand.

We asked our followers:

How does your organization harness the power of small details to provide a positive brand experience?

Disney Institute values and appreciates your input. We hope you will join us next month, Wednesday, April 4, for our D’Think Chat focusing on Culture held on our Twitter page. 

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