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Leadership Lessons from Walt Disney: 3 Ways to Spring Ahead in Your Career

March 20, 2014 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because were curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

With the new season ahead of us, it’s time to move forward, look at things differently and head down a new path in your career. Spring is the season of new beginnings, and you can take a cue from Mother Nature to refresh your workplace habits and create your own “new beginning.” And remember, you don’t need to make a drastic career move to start over. As Walt said, moving forward leads us down new paths. Where will this season lead you?

Adopt these three business practices to refresh your routine and open new doors in your career:

  1. Reimagine Leadership: Regardless of job position, at Disney Institute, we believe that everyone is a leader. Take a moment at the beginning of each day to remember that you are a leader and your actions reflect your values and those of the organization. Empower yourself to find new opportunities to further develop your leadership skills. Volunteer to take on ownership of a new project. Mentor a new employee on the team. Evaluate your personal career goals and create new paths to achieve them.
  1. Practice Gratitude: With the sun shining, it’s hard not to have an extra spring in your step. Take this positivity and share it with your team. Providing genuine care for your people is one key to engaging employees and will directly translate into genuine care for your customers. Find new ways to appreciate the work that your employees, peers and leaders are contributing to the organization. This new level of appreciation will put a spring in the step of a happier, more engaged workforce.
  1. Innovate New Ideas: Take the change in scenery as an opportunity to brainstorm and think outside of the box. Move that weekly meeting from the conference room to the great outdoors. Take a field trip to spark new ideas. Innovation stems from new stimuli and spring adds bright color and fresh air to your routine. Walt believed that curiosity will lead us down new paths. Become curious of your surroundings and let the creative juices flow. 

What new door will you open this season? 

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