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To Attract Top Talent, Be Intentional

December 03, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

In a survey of over 2,000 job seekers conducted by Monster, three quarters said that they regularly see jargon or acronyms in job postings, and more than half (57%) say that this puts them off from applying for a job.

There are a number of things that must be done right in the beginning of the hiring process because they cannot be repaired later on. One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is a far too casual approach to the recruiting process. For example, job descriptions have so many clichés and jargon words (bottleneck, laser-focused, granularization, etc.) that it becomes difficult for applicants to understand the scope of the work they will be asked to perform. Ultimately, these organizations risk turning away the applicant and the opportunity to recruit top talent.

At Disney, we believe that each applicant comes to us with preexisting skills and behaviors — some that match our requirements and some that do not. These skills and behaviors will vary based on the values of every organization; however, there are certain things that can be done to increase the likelihood of hiring people with a propensity to be great.

  • In the job description, include the skills and behaviors that the best employee for the job would have.
  • Use behaviorally based questions as a part of the interview process (How would you respond if … ?)
  • Pepper in questions that test for cultural values by listening for key repeatable messages from the applicant (You mentioned the customer experience several times in your response, can you explain what makes this so important to you?).

Disney also offers an explicit description of the company’s culture and values in each job description. Verbiage such as, “As a Cast Member you are the steward and connection to our legacy and the backbone of our thriving innovations. Join our team and watch your dreams come true.” signals to the applicant that the heritage of our company is something to be held in high regard, and that this person would be charged with helping to uphold that ideal. 

Tell us — what is the most well written or eye catching job description you have read? What made it stand out to you?




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