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Leadership Lessons from Walt Disney: Building Relationships

December 17, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute


One of the key leadership lessons we have learned from Walt Disney is that optimism is critical for leadership excellence. After all, it was Walt’s optimism during a time of turbulence that led to his greatest innovation: Mickey Mouse. However, Walt’s leadership legacy spans far beyond this achievement in more subtle ways.  

To be a leader, one doesn’t need to build a physical monument attributed to their success. A successful leader builds relationships. Walt’s people management skills were essential to help achieve his vision. Walt once said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Cultivating genuine relationships with your colleagues and employees is integral to the foundation of any successful organization.

However, a recent HBR article, Focused Leader, warns that personal relationships often suffer as individuals are placed in higher leadership positions. The author explains that when people rise through the ranks of the organization, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain personal connections. 

Walt Disney intuitively understood this. One morning while visiting his first theme park, Disneyland, Walt invited some third-shift maintenance workers to drop what they were doing and join him for a chat. When their manager found them talking with Walt, he asked Walt if he could have them back to finish their work before the park opened. As they went back to their assignments, the manager felt compelled to ask Walt why he was spending his valuable time talking with third-shift workers. Walts philosophy was that good ideas come from everyone. His example set the tone for a culture that follows the premise that everyone is creative.  

Walt Disney serves as an example of a leader who genuinely cared for his people and intentionally found ways to strengthen his relationships with colleagues and Cast Members every day.

How do you strengthen your workplace relationships and stay connected with your colleagues?

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