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Why Courtesy is Not Always Disney’s First Priority

October 01, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Why Courtesy is Not Always Disneys First Priority

You read correctly, sometimes courtesy is not Disney’s first priority. This is because Disney has defined and prioritized operational standards that guide the decision-making process for all Guest issues.

Take for example Landon Nickerson, an Adventure Guide for Adventures by Disney (ABD). Because operations managers do not travel on Guests departures, Landon is required to make sound decisions impacting a variety Guest issues.

To support the decision-making process, Guides like Landon are trained on Disneys Four Keys basics: safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. It’s because of this training that ABD Guides know that safety is always the number one concern and that everything else falls into line after it.

Read how Landon describes the importance of the Four Keys basics in his decision making process:

The Four Keys basics to me are just how I build every decision that I make. I feel that everything that we already do has that safety built into it, we look so deep into safety. So then, the next thing I think about is the courtesy, the show, the efficiency and I really feel that for our Guests on these adventures, the courtesy and the efficiency, those really almost go hand in hand because Guests want to do all these amazing things and they want to have a great time and the only way to do that is through those two elements of courtesy and efficiency. And then show, I mean, were Disney, and Im part of that show so everything that I do, me and my co-guide do, were going to have that Disney show and were there to make sure that the Guests do have that great adventure.

Other organizations within The Walt Disney Company have physical assets such as a theme park, cruise ship, or resort. Because Adventures by Disney lacks these physical assets, their Guides are a complete representation of the ABD product. With the help of the Four Keys basics, these guides are able to deliver on the promises of safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency — in that order.

Image: Flickr User Jonathan Warner

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