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Project MATER: How Disney Improved the Customer Experience for Retail Guests at the Magic Kingdom Park

October 22, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Project MATER: How Disney Improved the Customer Experience for Retail Guests at the Magic Kingdom Park

Disney is always striving to improve the customer experience, or what we might call the "Guest experience." Be it an attraction, a technology, or a process, the continuous improvement cycle exists to ensure that enhancing the experience for our Guests is never sedentary.

This was recently the case when the Emporium team at the Magic Kingdom Park worked hand-in-hand with the Merchandise Line of Business team to elevate the retail experience for Guests. This became known as Project MATER, Mastering All The Elements of Retail.

The process started with a clearly stated and measurable goal: increase the efficiency of operational systems and processes and further the Guest shopping experience. To achieve that goal, Disney focused on three distinct areas:

1. Onstage standards and expectations. Using the Four Keys Basics (the pre-identified Guest service standards of safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency) as a benchmark, the expectations for all on-stage roles were clarified and reiterated.

2. Effective and efficient queue management. The implementation of signage and fixtures in addition to changes in product placement made it easier for Guests to see, understand, and navigate the retail space (Read more about factors affecting the perception of wait times).

3. Improvement of Cast and Guest product knowledge. The addition of product knowledge into tablets and other existing communication tools made information about delivery services and other promotions more prominent and easier to access.

The Result

The emphasis placed on increasing efficiency and improving the shopping experience for Guests was realized and confirmed by a dramatic increase in Guest satisfaction scores. In fact, the success of Project MATER was so evident, it was selected as one of six finalists for the World Retail Congress Award in the Business Innovation category.

What makes for a more pleasant shopping experience from a customer perspective? Tell us about your most memorable experiences in the comments below.

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