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How Disney Avoids Misaligned Policies

October 08, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

How Disney Avoids Misaligned Policies

"I love employees who ask why," says Harvey Mackay, founder of MackayMitchell Envelope Co. and author of six best-selling books on business. Where conventional wisdom says theyre a pain, Mr. Mackay believes these employees present an exciting opportunity.

Walt Disney was constantly challenging processes in his quest for service excellence. "When I see things see things I dont like, I start thinking, Why do they have to be like this and how can I improve them?" he would say.

Organizations must be mindful that the processes and policies you design are foundational to the service you will eventually deliver. So, while the operational needs of the business are important, any policy that is customer-facing must be reviewed for alignment with the overall customer service strategy.

The Consequences of Misaligned Policies

  • Handcuff your employees. Misaligned policies will prevent your customer-centric employees from doing what you need them to do.
  • Provide an easy way out. For your less customer-centric employees, misaligned policies provide an easy way to avoid doing the right thing.

Try not to lose sight of the value in asking why something is done the way it is. Policies that once served a purpose or solved a problem may become ineffective over time, and thats okay so long as you respond to the changing needs of the customer.

Determine what the motivation was for implementing the policy, identify the disconnect, and decide on a resolution that empowers your employees to provide the best possible experience for the customer. Policies should enable, not inhibit great service!

Can you recall a time when an organization changed a once inhibiting policy and created an enabling one? Tell us about the impact on the employees or the customers in the comments below!

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