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August 01, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

We’re taking a look at the latest articles impacting the world of customer experience, leadership, and employee selection. Here are a few of our favorite reads this week:

Customer Experience
The Smallest Moments Make the Biggest Difference

If we truly understood the potential impact of our words, we all might take an extra moment to consider what the next ones would be. That’s why we like this article from Jeff Haden — Jeff’s story demonstrates how words affect us. Even as time passes, the things that people say continue to impact our experiences.

Fire Yourself: The Goal is to Have Nothing to Do

It’s a counter-intuitive thought: do nothing. But as Jon Steinberg describes, this is a goal leaders continuously work towards. His five-step process (shared in this article) draws from the wisdom of Warren Buffet and allows leaders to continuously refine their priorities, ultimately creating opportunities for new issues to be resolved.

Employee Selection
Are Your Motivations Aligned? Interviewing For a Mutual Fit

At Disney, we talk a lot about intentional selection. Just “trying to fill jobs” is a common, yet casual and often ineffective approach. Gary Swart writes about the importance of aligning motivations between the employer and employee — whether you’re the hiring manager or the applicant, these ideas help assess the potential fit of a new hire.

Share your favorite reads of the week with the community in the comments below!

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