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5 Steps to Creating Your Leadership Vision

July 30, 2013 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

One of the crucial jobs of a leader is to establish a vision for the future. Whether it’s organization-wide change, a new direction for your team, or personal growth, leaders inspire people to action.

Spurring successful organizational change requires an engaging and inspiring vision, drawn with imagery, that creates excitement and inspires and motivates employees to commit to your proposed change.

Consider the following when developing your vision:

1. Your Audience: Who is the audience for the vision you are proposing? Your audience may be your direct reports, your front line, your peers, or your leader.

2. The Status Quo: What is the urgency for change? Explain why change must occur, and why it needs to happen now.

3. The Change: Explain why this is the right thing to do. Who will it benefit and why?

4. The Barriers: Change isn’t easy. Describe the obstacles your audience might encounter along the way. More importantly, reinforce the steps you have taken and will take to ensure those obstacles are overcome.

5. The Call to Action: What will success look like? Use imagery to tell an inspiring story of how your vision improves the current landscape for everyone involved.

Aligning your leadership vision with your organization’s values is essential to ensuring that your audience believes the change is a natural progression for the organization and that they are capable of turning the vision into a reality.

Tell us about your vision — how do you inspire and motivate your team to commit to organizational change?

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