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Bon appétit! How Paris Seeks to Improve the Customer Experience

June 25, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

In yesterday’s Facebook post, we shared plans made by the French city of Paris aimed at improving their overall customer service experience.

France is the world’s number one tourism destination with over 76 million annual visitors — more than 900,000 jobs rely on these visitors. With increasing competition from other popular tourist destinations like Spain and the United Kingdom, it stands to reason that Paris would seek a new way to differentiate itself.

The six-page handbook entitled "Do you speak Touriste?" details common greetings, habits, and codes for a variety of nationalities and is teased in a video (below, in French) that shows how tourists of different nationalities might perceive the same service encounter.

At Disneyland Paris, Cast Members strive to go above and beyond the accepted standards of customer service. Where a tourist in France might once have heard "That’s impossible," a Cast Member might add, "But I’ll Try!"

At Disney, we believe very deeply that a service experience must be adapted to fit the culture, customs, and personal preferences of the country it occurs in.

Tell us — will it work? How have your service expectations compared to your service experiences abroad?

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