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3 Types of Employee Work Strategies (And How to Engage Each)

June 20, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

At Disney, we believe that showing genuine care for your employees is the best way to engage employees in their work. One way we do this is by recognizing employees for exhibiting the behaviors the organization values — service anniversaries, completing a major project, and going above and beyond for a Guest or co-worker are several reasons Cast Members at Disney are routinely recognized.

While certainly a different type of recognition, Tony Robbins writes about the importance of recognizing the way employees work. “If you want to get the most out of your employees, or your children, or those you supervise, figure out their work strategies,” he writes.

The way an employee functions at work, their work strategy, generally falls into one of three categories:

• Independent Strategy: Those who often find it difficult to work closely with others. These employees crave autonomy and work best with minimal supervision.

Cooperative Strategy: Employees who embrace a cooperative strategy work best in groups where responsibility is shared. They may champion a task individually, but thrive when given the opportunity to collaborate with their team.

Proximity Strategy: A hybrid of the previous two strategies, employees who exhibit a proximity strategy enjoy the opportunity to work as a part of a team but also require time to work individually.

As a leader, this is an opportunity for you to talk with your team about personal preferences. Understanding their work strategies will help you maximize their potential — going the extra inch by spending time developing a personalized plan will demonstrate that you genuinely care about their success.

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