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Use the Disney Compass to Guide Your Service Experience

April 18, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

When it comes to understanding Guests, Disney takes a “compass approach” to identifying and planning for an exhaustive list of touch points.

From the most basic needs to the way a Guest might feel, the compass acts as a guide in designing a customer experience that consistently exceeds expectations and is an integral part of the overarching Disney quality service model. To plan for your own service experience, start with the “North” point on the compass and work counter-clockwise:

Needs: Plan for the basic needs of the Guest, like food and water, as well as the needs those that will change based on the Guest’s situation. (Ex: Restrooms are placed near the exits of theaters where extended-viewing shows are performed.)

Wants: View wants as an opportunity to exceed expectations. A Guest may need water; they may want a bottle of water.

Stereotypes: Determine how you will break down misconceptions. This was one of the reasons that Walt Disney wanted to create a new type of Theme Park employee, the Disney Cast Member, using costumes, name tags, appearance guidelines, and service training.

Emotions: Less tangible than the other points, emotions help us gauge whether or not a service experience is exceeding expectations. We must consider the emotional state of the Guest throughout the entire service experience.

What are your guiding principles for designing a service experience? Do you believe there in a rank order?

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