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Factors Affecting the Perception of Wait Times

April 02, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Programming Director, Disney Institute

Since exceptional customer service experiences are all about delivery, it is critical to pay special attention to processes.

In a survey conducted by University of Chicago Hospitals, patients who were asked about factors affecting their wait times were more likely to comment on how the wait was handled as opposed to the length of the wait itself. The survey highlighted, amongst others, three dimensions integral to the perception of patients’ wait time:

Access: Patients’ access to care was inhibited by scheduling difficulties, a lack of person-to-person communication, and other restrictions.

Respect: Patients have a strong desire to be recognized and treated with dignity.

Information communication: Patients feared that they are not being completely informed.

What perceptions (or misconceptions) do your customers have about your organization? Developing a process-based approach to addressing their concerns demonstrates your dedication to providing them with the best service possible.

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