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Are You Sending the Right Message to Your Employees?

April 04, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

In Disneys Approach to Employee Engagement, we teach that reinforcing company culture is an important step toward a happy, engaged Cast. This type of culture should be reflected in every step of the hiring and management process, and starts with leadership.
As a leader, you have a big job of gaining respect and trust from your employees. In turn, you will be able to lead them effectively and they will thank you for it.
In a recent article posted by Entrepreneur, they suggest five ways that you can train yourself to be a great leader.

· Keep promises: This will help you maintain credibility. Your employees will only trust you if you give them a reason to.

· Dress to influence: Is your appearance consistent with your personal and professional brand? Think about the messages you are sending to your employees with your dress.

· Treat them as you expect them to treat customers: It’s not complicated. We teach this to our Cast Members too: Happy Cast means a happy Guest.

· Show your commitment to personal growth: If your goal is not to grow your business, than you can stop reading now. By investing in the personal and professional growth of your team, you are investing in your business.

· Ask rather than wait for feedback: Just because you are “the boss” doesn’t mean that your learning is over. Ask your employees for feedback instead of waiting for them to approach you. It shows initiative, care and interest.

As a leader, it is your job to be a model for your team. This doesn’t mean being perfect—no one expects that. Look at every situation as an opportunity to learn, and let your employees be the ones to teach you. It will make your team stronger, and make you a better leader.

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