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Overcoming Resistance to Change

January 15, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Change can be difficult. Such was the case when a new washing machine with a higher hourly throughput was purchased for a textile center at a Walt Disney World facility. Cast Members were concerned that the automation of the machine would result in fewer working hours and eventually cost them their roles.

Leadership listened and took the opportunity to sit down with the Cast Members working at the facility. The Cast Members provided feedback, expressed their concerns and listened to information provided by leadership regarding the use of the new machine. Because the Cast Members had been included as a part of the transition process and reassured that their roles were not endangered, the change was met with excitement and anticipation.

Including your front line employees as a part of the transition process is evidence of your genuine care for their happiness and can translate into not only happier employees, but happier Guests.

Tell us about ways that you have seen resistance to change overcome. What role did you play and how did it affect the outcome?

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