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D’Thinking Selection, Training and Engagement

January 08, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

For many businesses, the New Year marks a hiring season that will add a team of new faces to the company roster. At The Walt Disney Company, there is a highly intentional and specific process that every candidate (and hiring manager) goes through during the hiring process.

Questions often include: What processes do I developed to ensure a productive and efficient candidate selection? Once I have selected the perfect candidate, what’s next?

Explore these questions and more tomorrow—join us as we host a D’Think Chat on Twitter with Disney Institute facilitators and content experts, Austin Brock and Kendal Jolly.

With decades of combined Disney leadership experience, Austin and Kendal will lead a conversation on Disney’s Approach to Selection, Training & Engagement.

From new hire training programs to establishing and maintaining employee engagement and motivation, this is an opportunity for you to engage directly with experienced Disney leaders who will, in return, share their experiences and insights.

Do you have questions for Austin or Kendal?

Post questions for the D’Think Chat in the comments below and join us tomorrow at noon to take part in a conversation with a collaborative community of business-minded professionals.

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