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Planning for Creativity

December 11, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Think of words you might associate with creativity? Words like color, discovery and imagination may come to mind. Now consider this word: structure.

It may seem like more of an antonym than a supporting characteristic.

The reality of time, money and talent is that they are limited. As such, structural systems can serve as a foundation for which an idea can be created and a catalyst to the evolution of the creative process.

Ask yourself several questions:

1. What are the processes in place for the the creation, development and execution of an idea? (Yes, you can plan to be creative!)

2. Who is accountable for timelines, budget parameters, strategy alignment, etc.?

3. Am I managing the project in a way that will allow me to measure my results?

Tell us your thoughts — When you know you have to develop a creative concept, how to you "plan" to be creative? What systems or processes support this plan?

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