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From "Likes" to "Shares"

December 13, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Social media provides the perfect platform for lasting relationships with customers and brands. In a recent article for Social Media Today, a contributor listed some key tips to remember on how a powerful social media presence can transform fans and followers into brand enthusiasts.

1. Continuously Listen
Social media is great for online marketing but your business must also act as a continuous listener. With 24/7 access to your brand, if a fan or follower tweets to you or posts a question on your Facebook wall, they are looking for a response – and a fast one at that.

2. Quality Interaction
Social media provides an ideal platform for interaction. The best way to foster relationships between consumer and brand is to have a clear understanding of your voice. Make sure you listen to your target audience and understand exactly what they are looking for.

3. Provide a Helping Hand
Fans and followers won’t hesitate to ask questions or say exactly what is on their mind directly on your social media pages. Your job as a brand ambassador is to keep an open ear and be ready to respond.

4. Give Your Customers the Spotlight
Allowing your fans and followers to take center stage is a great way to achieve brand loyalty. Contests are a great way to show your fans that they are important to you and your online presence.

5. Transparency
Honest and consistent interactions are the key building blocks to gaining the trust needed to continue the brand loyalty cycle. Through genuine interaction and catering to the needs of your customers, most will return the favor by posting positive reviews and through word of mouth.

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1 Responses to From "Likes" to "Shares"

  • Andre says:

    on December 19, 2012

    Great piece! These 5 points should be mandatory discussion topics for any business/organization looking to establish or further develop a social media strategy. In my opinion and experience, moving from 'Likes' to 'Shares" demonstrates an understanding of how social media should can best be used by businesses. 'We have a Facebook page' and counting 'Likes' is a waste of resources (mainly man hours) if you're not looking to engage your customers/fans. Social media is designed for two-way communication. Not engaging your customers, especially when they reach out to you, is like trying to have a conversation with an outgoing voice mail message.

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