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Building an All-Star Team

December 18, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Whether your organization is a startup or an established player, hiring the right team can mean the difference between making it and breaking it. In a recent article, a Forbes contributor and business owner offered five tips for building a exceptional team.

1. Hire people "better than you." Know your strengths and weaknesses and find people who can fill those holes.
2. Recognize aptitude and attitude in potential hires. A balance between the two needs to be struck.
3. Use happiness as a motivating factor. You’ve found the person you want to hire, how can you get them to join your team? Offer potential hires a higher happiness quotient than they’ve been offered elsewhere. Happy people = productive people.

To ensure a more seamless transition, some businesses keep a file of potential qualified candidates should one of their team members depart their current position. Were interested to know your team-building tips. How do you hire the best and brightest for your team?

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