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Building an All-Star Team

December 18, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Whether your organization is a startup or an established player, hiring the right team can mean the difference between making it and breaking it. In a recent article, a Forbes contributor and business owner offered five tips for building a exceptional team.

1. Hire people "better than you." Know your strengths and weaknesses and find people who can fill those holes.
2. Recognize aptitude and attitude in potential hires. A balance between the two needs to be struck.
3. Use happiness as a motivating factor. You’ve found the person you want to hire, how can you get them to join your team? Offer potential hires a higher happiness quotient than they’ve been offered elsewhere. Happy people = productive people.

To ensure a more seamless transition, some businesses keep a file of potential qualified candidates should one of their team members depart their current position. Were interested to know your team-building tips. How do you hire the best and brightest for your team?

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3 Responses to Building an All-Star Team

  • Velton says:

    on December 18, 2012

    A Leader is an Environmentalist. They create an environment with specific parameters and guidelines that allow their team to be as successful as possible. Although, I believe Motivation comes from within, a positive environment is the fuel that encourages that inner drive to achieve

  • Andre says:

    on December 19, 2012

    Ditto what Velton said. The leader sets the tone for the organization. Taking the time to do the little things that show appreciation, encourage enjoyment in the work place, foster a strong sense of team . . . the word gets out about this stuff and makes you attractive to prospective employees. It also makes people want to stay, even when other opportunities arise, as they often do.

  • Kenneth says:

    on February 10, 2013

    A leader is many things. Aside from the previously mentioned ideas of what a leader is. A leader, to me, is someone who sets the goals for the company, business, department, or division. Then allows the employees the latitude to go out and achieve these goals. A leader provides all of the tools to its employees to assure success. The leader needs to make sure the employees remain focused on the goals, and listening to the ideas created to achieve the goals. Sometimes the ideas need to be refined, others need to be implemented. Keeping the group moving forward is the job of the leader. Establishing parameters and guidelines can be restrictive to the creative processes. The leader needs to find out which creative ideas are most suitable and then encourage the group to move forward on those ideas. Sometimes the best ideas, and what works, can be one crazy idea. But most of the best ideas come from the workers tasked with doing the job. Always make time to listen and hear those ideas.

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